Introduction on Indigo’s blog and getting to know her etc.

So hey guys so this is my first blog! I’m really excited for the whole website and being able to send out messages to you guys! So welcome to my blog... so I know this is a unexpected pop-up but when me, Isaiah, Roman, and daddy went to Connecticut and I fell off the ATV and I got a scratch on the grass that looks like a cat scratch and it’s becoming a pet peeve Idk why bit it is now what I was really aiming to talk about was this really good book I have called Funny Girl edited by Betsy Bird it’s so funny it WILL get the laugh out of you it’s mostly for/about girls but truly anybody can read it it’s funny. I got it from a bookstore in Maplewood called Words it has tons of books you should go there it is heaven it has sooooo many books maybe..... somehow we might get our TDK book into a bookstore..... maybe idk anyway thanks a lot for checking out my blog I really enjoy the support thanks a lot byeeeeee!

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