My new scholastic book &the NJSLA (PARCC)

Hello guys this is my second blog I will be talking about my new book that I got from Scholastic it is called a very short entirely true history of unicorns I love it honestly it’s amazing as you see in the sugar and spice collection I have a unicorn hoodie because I love unicorns and I have the book and I’m really into it it’s really interesting and it’s by Sarah Laskow It’s all about unicorns in the history and how they became to be in the second part that I will be talking about is on my test that I took in third grade I was worried and concerned I thought I would do a very bad job on math since it was really hard questions and I thought I would do really good on ELA because I am good at that so I got my report on what I did and I am on the highest level in math and on the second from highest level in ELA I was actually really surprised because I got a better score in math and ELA and I thought I would do it a bad job in math! So my test was really great and I’m super excited and now my fourth grade teachers know what I am ready and not ready for honestly it didn’t seem too too hard for ELA but it’s not super challenging in math but I did a good job on it and I think I might of got a higher score than my brothers got!

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