Isaiah's NBA Predictions (Day 1)

Hey Guys, it's Isaiah and I am back with a new predictions series!

This series does not have a specified schedule, I just do it when I feel like there are intriguing games or when I want to. In this series I will just give who I think is going to win, I won't give by how much. Tonight is the first day of the NBA season so I thought that It would be a good time to start my predictions! There are only 2 games tonight so lets get right to it!

Pelicans vs. Raptors

The defending NBA Champs, just lost their best player and arguably the best player in the league, but everyone knows that. What we forget is how good their coach is and the returning players they had. It wasn't just Kawhi and a whole bunch of scrubs, they have valuable role players such as Fred VanVleet, Kyle Lowry, and Pascal Siakam (He just signed a 4-year extension [per Woj]). The Pelicans are good too, even with the loss of superstar Anthony Davis, they had the number one overall draft pick (and picked some random guy from down the street named Zion) and also acquired some valuable young assets such as Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart. With all of that being said, that kid Zion is out for 6-8 weeks, and the Raptors last game they played they won a championship, so it is safe for me to say that the Raptors will win this game.

Lakers vs. Clippers

This is the game that everyone wants to see, the battle of Staples Center. We all know about the big-time offseason moves that each team made (Anthony Davis and an actual bench for the Lakers; Kawhi and Paul George for the Clippers). This whole summer I have made a great case on why the Lakers are better, starting with depth, and they have the best basketball player in the world right now in LeBron James, who hasn't shown any signs of slowing down, even after 17 years. I believe that the Lakers should win this game, and pretty easily.

And that concludes my predictions in the NBA today! Make sure to tune in next time for my predictions!

-Isaiah Daniels, CEO of TDK


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