Isaiah's College Football Predictions (Conference Championship Week)

Big week today! This week has very big implications for the College Football Playoff. I will predict the biggest games in college football each week! I will be picking the Big 12, Big Ten, and SEC Championship Games!

Big 12: Oklahoma vs. Baylor

These teams played earlier in the year when Baylor choked a 28-3 lead to Oklahoma as Oklahoma won a tough road game 34-31. I don't think Oklahoma gets out to a slow start this time and I think that they can win and clinch a playoff spot. Oklahoma wins by 4 in a very high scoring affair.

Big Ten: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Another matchup of teams that had matched up earlier in the season, in the first matchup, the Buckeyes won 38-7 in a game that I picked. I don't think anything else different will happen this time because Ohio State has gotten stronger and stronger as the season goes on. They have proved why they are the best team in the nation and will continue to prove that today. Ohio State wins by 24.

SEC: LSU vs. Georgia

A very big game, LSU has proved to be one of the nation's elite teams as Georgia lost to South Carolina earlier in the year. While Georgia has managed to bounce back, they lost many valuable skill position players in the Georgia Tech game. HB Deandre Swift will not be at 100%, and George Pickens is suspended for the first half. The last 4 games, Jake Fromm has been under 50% completion percentage and if he does that today, they won't be able to keep up with the scoring of LSU. LSU wins by 7 in a game in the 30s.

My College Football Playoff Predictions:

1: LSU
How?: Beats Georgia and Jumps Ohio State in the rankings.

2: Ohio State
How?: Gets Jumped by LSU but still convincingly beats Wisconsin.

3: Clemson
How?: They finish the season strong while being undefeated and earn the 3 seed.

4: Oklahoma
How?: Utah lost, Oklahoma beats Baylor, and LSU beat Georgia giving Oklahoma the 4 spot.

Last Week: 3-1
Season: 25-9

And that concludes my predictions in College Football this week! Make sure to tune in next time during bowl season for a special edition of my predictions!

-Isaiah Daniels, CEO of TDK


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