Isaiah's College Football Predictions (Week 7)

Welcome back to my series that I will continue doing for the rest of the college football season! I will predict the 3 biggest games in college football each week! There are some very interesting matchups this week so lets hop right in!

Alabama vs. Texas A&M

I'm also an Alabama fan. But that has nothing to do with my pick. One of the best QBs in the country, Tua Tagovailoa, and the absolute best receiving core in the country. They are returning 4 receivers that had over 500 yards last year! 4! No other team in the country could claim that feat. There is no question that Alabama's passing game is impenetrable. Their rushing game is not a joke either, everyone knows that Alabama is known for their rushing game having 2 heisman trophy rushers within the last 10 heisman winners. The RPO's for this team are insane especially with their beastly slant routes. Alabama WR's have been so bored with the game that they decided to do rock-paper-scissors to decide who was going to score. Alabama is unmatched this season especially with Clemson's early struggles. Alabama wins by 52.

Oklahoma vs. Texas

In my book, Jalen Hurts is second in heisman voting right now. He has transformed this Oklahoma offense to a level that it hasn't seen with its past two heisman trophy winners. He has shown us that he has the ability to make downfield throws that he couldn't make at Alabama. His running game has become more elusive than strong and he has gotten stronger while doing that. This version of Jalen Hurts will have any defense searching for answers. He is looking to get to the College Football Playoff and is unaltered by big games. This Red River Rivalry stuff won't change his composure. Texas isn't a joke. They lost to LSU because they are a Big 12 team that doesn't ever have a defense (since 2005 of course). They won't be able to contain this Oklahoma offense at all. Will their offense be able to keep pace though? The answer is again no. There is no way that Sam Ehlinger who has been outstanding this season and would succeed in an offense with better weapons around him, would be able to keep pace with Jalen Hurts and this Oklahoma offense. Oklahoma also has a great defense this year which will make it harder for Texas to score. Oklahoma by 14.

LSU vs. Florida

"Game of the Week" no. "Biggest game in the SEC this year" no. "Both teams are playoff contenders" no that's enough. These teams are both overhyped and aren't as good as people act like they are. Both teams are very talented. Some sportswriters are saying that Joe Burrow, (LSU's Quarterback) is the heisman frontrunner. Did I say no already? No. He has a great offensive line and great wide receivers around him. He can't make a defense pay for their mistakes more than any of the other Heisman candidates can. He also hasn't proved that he can do anything against a real defense (Sorry Texas). I was wrong about Florida though. I didn't think that they were a real SEC team and that was definitely a mistake. Thy are good. But good enough to beat LSU, no. LSU wins by 13.

Last Week: 2-1
Season: 7-2

And that concludes my predictions in College Football this week! Make sure to tune in next week for my predictions!

-Isaiah Daniels, CEO of TDK


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