Isaiah's College Football Predictions (Week 8)

Welcome back to my series that I will continue doing for the rest of the college football season! I will predict the 3 biggest games in college football each week! This is a bit of a down week so get ready for some sleeper picks!

Oregon vs. Washington

As I have pointed out in previous picks, Oregon's QB, Justin Herbert is one of the best QB's in the nation. He is the best Quarterback west of Oklahoma. Washington got a lot of preseason hype because of their new transfer QB, Jacob Eason. I don't believe in Eason. I didn't believe when he was at Georgia, and I don't believe now. He is inefficient, not mobile, and not able to make the right read out of the pocket. His QBR (Quarterback Rating) this season is 68.8 (College QBRs are out of 100) which is 43rd in the nation. This is terrible compared to Herbert's 74.0 which ranks 25th in the nation. I think that these teams are very similar and that Quarterback play will decipher who wins this game. I can see an upset but I don't think it will happen, I see Oregon winning by 10.

Michigan vs. Penn State

Michigan sucks. Sorry, I had to say it, they don't have a QB, their receivers are inexperienced, their line isn't a normal Michigan-type offensive line, their defense isn't bad, ranking 14th in the country in terms of the least amount of yards allowed per game, but their offense will be having to face off against the 4th best defense in the country (still according to yards allowed per game), and that will be a problem for a struggling Michigan offense that doesn't know their identity yet. Penn State wins by 7.

Penn vs. Columbia

A 1-3 struggling Columbia team plays against a 2-2 Penn team that has 2 acceptable losses, one to Delaware and one to Dartmouth. The talent pool in the Ivy League has gotten a lot better and both teams have very good recruiting classes coming in. Penn's incoming class is lead by Chandler McGruder, a running back from IMG Academy in Florida, and Columbia's incoming class is lead by Dominic Busby, a tight end out of Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. Penn has the 17th best offense in the FCS while Columbia isn't even in the top 50. Columbia has the 29th ranked defense in the FCS while Penn has the 49th. I don't think that Columbia has the firepower offensively to deal with Penn's offense. I think that Penn wins by 10 in a high-scoring shootout.

Last Week: 3-0
Season: 10-2

And that concludes my predictions in College Football this week! Make sure to tune in next week for my predictions!

-Isaiah Daniels, CEO of TDK

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