Game-winning sack + Madden 20

Hey what’s going on guys! It’s Roman with my first blog!

I just finished my football game which we won! As you can see in the title, I had the game-winning sack. It was a very close and hard fought game but we won.

Now to madden 20. My players name is JJ Smith. My player plays on the Bears and he is a left end. Our defense is amazing but our quarterback is terrible. We put him in amazing position to score and he does not execute. Other than that I am a beast. It’s week nine and I have 14.5 sacks. I’m unstoppable I pressure the quarterback every play. Isaiah also has a player who is the leading rusher and the fourth highest in receiving yards.

This is the end of my blog, tune in next time for some more amazing content.

-Roman Daniels, President of TDK


  • Nice job roman! Keep up the good work and staying active. And always listen to your pops!

    Doug gillespie
  • Good 1st blog Roman!


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