About TDK

TDK (The Daniels Kids LLC) is a lifestyle company that was founded in 2016 by  pre-teen siblings (Isaiah, Roman and Indigo Daniels) from Newark NJ. TDK's Mission is to inspire more young Black children to manifest anything that they can think of! TDK began their entrepreneur careers as authors of their debut book "Dolphin's Don't Fit in a Fish Bowl". TDK was able to sell over 1,200 books.

The Daniels Kids

The Daniels Kids talk about the hustle and they live it. They have sold their books their books through virtually ever avenues possible. TDK has attended local fairs/events, they have performed Read Alouds at elementary schools, events at libraries, they have held entrepreneur seminars at middle schools, they have sold 100's of books to school districts, they have been guest at private group meetings on youth literacy and as well at local events

Now TDK is expanding their merchandise catalog as well as their platform. They are not only authors; they are culture influencers with apparel, culture, technology, media and more. They are expanding the options of what they want to do. There are no barriers for them. Keep your eye on these entrepreneurs they are moving the culture forward. The goal is to.. Be Legendary!